Think about who went with Priyanka Chopra on her most recent trip to or from New York? Truly, you got it right – it’s Nick Jonas, fellas! Indeed, IT’S HIM! The couple were spotted at the John F. Kennedy International Airport as of late and photographs of them exploring the air terminal together have overflowed online networking as on Saturday morning. Wearing mauve isolates, Priyanka was chic as ever – she added a last touch-up to her look with feline eye shades and a white coat. Scratch was dressed like his standard self in cool casuals. Scratch and Priyanka seemed minimum bothered by the nearness of the paparazzi – they were caught up with talking and tasted espresso as they strolled around the airplane terminal.


While an area of the Internet is only sure that these two are dating, remarks on their photographs shared by fan-clubs propose that Priyanka and Nick are teaming up for another venture, which will be reported soon. “They are both actors. Insider info, they are doing a movie project together. It will be public soon. Not romantically linked. Nice looking together though. She’s too accomplished to be attracted to Nick,” read a comment while another added: “I’m surprised by them a bit. They been flirting for sure.”

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