To cope with this Liam took up cooking to provide for Cheryl, 34, and little Bear.

‘If you cook for her, she feeds him, so you’re cooking for everyone,’ the former One Direction star tells Hashtag Legend. ‘That’s what my thing was.

‘As daft as it sounds, cooking actually got me through fatherhood because it made me feel useful, rather than being the guy who just gets handed to to change his nappy and make him laugh and giggle.

Liam and Cheryl have warded off their child from the general population eye since his introduction to the world however Liam has given a knowledge into what he looks like now – and it sounds like he’s turning into a scaled down Cheryl!

‘Once in a while I pivot and I take a gander at him and he resembles a little me,’ Liam clarifies. ‘In any case, he’s really transforming into significantly more of Cheryl’s highlights now, the more he grows up.

‘When he was conceived, she resembled, “I conveyed him for nine months and he’s all wicked you!”‘


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