Beyonce and JAY-Z hit the advanced boulevards with an astonishment album– Everything Is Love– and its first visual, “APE SH*T,” on Saturday evening (June 16). Predictably, the Twitter responses from Beyhive individuals and fans alike began coming in with the ideal images, GIFS, honey bee emoticons and, the greater part of all, unadulterated entertainment.

“Beyoncé has all six infinity stones,” tweeted one fan. “Beyoncé is the greatest rapper alive don’t @ me,” proclaimed another

Not long after #Beyonce, #JayZ and #EverythingIsLove shot to Twitter’s trending topics panel, song lyrics from the 9-track album soon became tweet-worthy quotes. “That’s a lot of brown children on your Forbes list” and “Put some respect on my check” made their rounds in the webosphere.