On his association with his One Direction band mates: “I left and the individual I was in the band, I’m not him now. It was good to be that individual at that point, yet now, I should be something entirely unexpected. Notwithstanding going to see Louis recently – it’s pleasant to meet individuals and have them perceive how you are presently, on the grounds that you can see every one of the things you may have fouled up or the things you may have lamented doing. You can state, ‘I’m distinctive now, so whatever that was previously, we were diverse individuals.’ We got on well in One Direction, however there were times when we didn’t. Certain individuals dropped out with each different now and then, yet it would dependably return round. Thus, I absolutely never believe that I won’t be companions with these individuals forever. Be that as it may, I believe it’s critical in anything that you can consider all that you would have jumped at the chance to change about yourself and after that develop.”

On how he’s changed since 1D’s break: “Distinction made me somewhat nuts and diverted me a considerable measure from the individual I was. What’s more, it annoyed me at last, since it resembled, ‘You could have been this person, however you did this.’ Nobody truly knew anything about me. I put on a front that wasn’t generally me. Be that as it may, now that I’ve had my opportunity away, you gradually, normally turn into the individual you were before you began, however with significantly more learning. So I feel significantly more myself than I at any point did previously, as opposed to being a piece of something and having a section to play or treading on eggshells around somebody. Furthermore, when I sat back and contemplated all the senseless things I may have said and fouled up – not that I have any second thoughts, since I think whatever happened, happened – I imagine that this is the ideal opportunity to not be that individual. I recollect the day we completed, in light of the place I was in, I was very glad that we had a break. I said to the individual with me at the time, ‘Thank god I don’t need to play that individual again for quite a while.’ It was debilitating and I couldn’t stay aware of myself.”

On a potential 1D gathering: “The main way we could get any greater is toss one gigantic show where it’s essentially every one of us versus each other, however we’re still in a band. So on the off chance that we as a whole went like, ‘Hold tight a moment young men, simply going to toss this in’ and blast, on comes [Niall Horan’s] ‘Moderate Hands’ and we’re all simply flying along – that would be the best time sh*t ever.”

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