The backstory: Kevin Owens has been beefing with Shane McMahon, the GM of SmackDown, because of Shane bumbling his way into helping A.J. Styles prevail upon his fight with Owens the U.S. title. A week ago, Owens said Shane should’ve passed on in the helicopter crash he was associated with not long ago. Shane assaulted Owens, got suspended, and now Vince appeared the previous evening.


Vince criticized Owens, saying he’d suspended Shane in light of the fact that Shane didn’t “complete the employment.” He set up a Hell in a Cell coordinate amongst Owens and Shane at the following SmackDown PPV. At that point, after Owens inquired as to whether this implied he had the privilege to thump a McMahon and got a yes, Owens headbutted Vince. Also, bloodied him!

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