In spite of her legitimate all collaborations’ her declaration fixed, Katy Perry’s testimony in Dr. Luke and Kesha’s longstanding fight in court was discharged Monday, indicating Perry unequivocally denying that Luke assaulted her.

Perry’s name wound up connected to the Dr. Luke case in June, when court records uncovered an instant message that Kesha sent to Lady Gaga, in which she guaranteed Luke assaulted Perry.

In Perry’s intensely redacted testimony, dated July 21, 2017, Perry says that she knows about Kesha’s announcement, and that Luke “totally (did) not” sexually strike her, additionally denying that she and the maker had a sexual relationship and that he gave her a “roofie.”

Kesha first blamed Dr. Luke (Lukasz Gottwald), her previous record maker and tutor, of inappropriate behavior and passionate misery in a claim documented in 2014, with Dr. Luke countersuing for maligning and rupture of agreement prior this year. Kesha dropped her strike claim against Dr. Luke in California however is as yet contesting her agreement in New York and has not called it quits from her cases of his manhandle.

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