The report states that directors belonging to the Directors Guild of America, received an email signed by Nolan and Jonathan Mostow, both co-Chairs of the DGA’s Creative Rights Committee. The mail urged all directors to go through the survey and answer each question to make manufacturers aware that directors were concerned of the quality in which their films were being portrayed on television. The survey also included options for the consumers to access the ‘reference mode’. These included automatic detection and conversion by the TV itself, a single button on the remote, or through TV menus, “but not buried too deeply in the menus.”

The results of this survey, states the report, will then be sent to manufacturers so that they may apply the ‘reference mode’ in television viewing.

The debate against motion smoothing has been an old one with many artistes coming to the fore to openly criticise it. I Think We’re Alone Now director Reed Morano began the protest by launching a petition four years ago. More recently, James Gunn, Christopher McQuarrie and Rian Johnson have also expressed their mistrust on the feature

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