“We do great work to encourage sub-national governments, states, cities, and provinces to take matters into their own hands, because we do not need to wait for the capitals, like London or Moscow,” he says.

Perhaps his good work and deeds might even influence the President one day.

“I wish Trump good luck,” he says. “When he does well, we all do well. It is the bottom line. Democrats and Republicans should support the things he wants to do that are really good.”

As for the Trump of it all –

“You never know the way the wind blows in politics when someone runs,” he says. “I think that this time it blew in a way that people were fed up about what was going on. They thought they should get not a difficult politician but an outsider. That is exactly what we want to do with this movie. We want to be an outsider coming in. Not government telling people what to do, but people from the outside, people that are passionate about our environment and what we do with our world. People that want to hand over the world in a better condition to the next generation than we inherited it.”

He adds, “We have seven million people a year dying of pollution. So one man cannot stop anything. I’m sure you have read that so far nothing got done since he became President, so therefore we cannot worry about this one person.”

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