The Twitter fight amongst Sehwag and Morgan was activated on August 24 when the lattertook a pot shot at India’s ‘over celebration’ of Rio Olympics awards, and her failure to win at the Rio Olympics, regardless of being the nation with 1.2 billion individuals. “Nation with 1.2 billion individuals uncontrollably praises 2 losing medals. How humiliating is that?”.

Here’s the newest update on the ongoing twitter battle

Earlier, Morgan’s snide remark at India was gotten with mockery by Indian Twitterati who derided him for England’s inability to win the Cricket World Cup and the Football World Cup subsequent to 1966. Sehwag too couldn’t prevent himself from remarking.

“We cherish each little happiness’, But Eng who invented Cricket,&yet2win a WC,still continue to playwc.embarrassing?” he tweeted.

It remains to be seen what would be Sehwag’s response to Morgan’s new challenge. As the whole of twitterati wait for Sehwag’s reply, his parody handle has already replied to the tweet. This has also resulted in the subsequent removing of the tweet by Morgan.

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