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Queen gives Prince Harry the title Earl of Dumbarton

Trump slams Dem senator for ‘phony’ Vietnam bravery story

Trump Jr. tweets ‘Top Gun’ video of dad shooting CNN jet

Donald Trump Jr. was promised damaging information on Hillary Clinton before meeting with a Russian lawyer

Watch: Buzz Aldrin looks completely stumped during Donald Trump’s speech on space

Arnold Schwarzenegger Talks President Trump: ‘He Is Back in the Stone Age’

Melania Trump thanks model who defended her against a reporter’s insult

Chelsea Handler Says Melania Trump ‘Can Barely Speak English’

Matt Damon leans on Davos delegates to solve world’s water shortage

Donald Trump finally has a big name act lined up for his inauguration.

Watch Donald Trump’s Election Party Live Stream

A Donald Trump TV Network Could Be Just 3 Months Away: Expert

Watch: Michelle Obama Tackles Donald Trump In An Impressive Speech

Donald Trump once saw a child on an escalator and said, “I’m going to be dating her in 10 years”

Trump’s vulgarities awkward for Pence

Madonna does a Katy Perry and strips NAKED to support Hillary Clinton in US election

Shonda Rhimes documents Hillary Clinton’s life and career in DNC film

Donald Trump’s wife Melania Trump accused of plagiarising Michelle Obama’s Speech

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