Three Attributes Longevity Secrets

A man who says he is 120 years old attributes his long life to three things: no sex, no spices and daily yoga sessions.

Swami Sivananda claims he was born Aug. 8, 1896. An Indian monk and says he is the most oldest to have ever lived, overcoming Japan’s Jiroemon Kimura, who the Guinness Book of World Records now records as the most oldest man to have ever lived. Kimora was 116 years and 54 days old, AFP reported.

Sivanada is enrolling to the world records book to officially assert the title, taking into account a temple register confirmed by Indian Passport authorities. The register is the main record of numerous Inidan inhabitants’ ages, including those much more youthful than Sivanada.

“I eat very simply,” Sivanada said. “Only boiled food without oil or spices, rice and boiled daal [lentil stew] with a couple of green chillies.”

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