Posthumous Music Video: “Anybody’s You” Christina Grimmie

A second after death music video from the late Christina Grimmie has been uncovered. The video is for a track called “Anyone’s You” from four-melody mini collection “Side A”. It’s a piece of a short movie picture called “The Ballad of Jessica Blue” which she taped before her unfortunate demise.

The story takes after a young girls journey into self-revelation through her affection life, her womanhood and her music. Jessica is at a junction in her life. She gets to be suspicious of her beau and is held by insecurities just to understand that she is accomplishing more harmed to her own heart and future than any relationship ever could.

Jessica has a forthcoming showcase where she wants to demonstrate to herself as well as other people that her music is as solid as her yearning to be incredible. With the showcase days away she can’t assemble her set or her songs. Jessica is torn between beau issues, her imaginative issues and a general sentiment self-question.

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