Two ladies tell The New York Times that Donald Trump touched them improperly – grabbing a lady in one example and kissing a lady in another – amid partitioned experiences that occurred the length of three decades back, the daily paper reported Wednesday.

Trump told the Times there was no truth to both of the cases. In an announcement, Trump’s battle representative, Jason Miller, said “the entire article is fiction” and blamed the daily paper for propelling ” a completely false, coordinated character assassination”.

The ladies’ stories come not exactly a week after the distribution of a 2005 recording in which the Republican chosen one gloated of grabbing ladies. Trump apologized for his remarks, additionally expelled them as “locker room talk” and a diversion from the battle.

Both ladies told the Times they were approaching with their stories due to the recording and Trump’s reaction to questions about it at Sunday’s presidential level headed discussion. The New York specialist said then he had never done the things he gloated about on the recording.

Jessica Leeds, 74, of New York, said she sat alongside Trump in the five star lodge of a flight to New York over three decades prior. After not exactly a hour noticeable all around, he lifted the armrest isolating them and started to touch her, she said, and got her bosoms and attempted to put his hand up her skirt.

“It was an assault,” Leeds told the daily paper. She said she fled to the back of the plane and sat in the mentor area.

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