Life and Style reports that “[Justin] has officially moved into Selena’s place.” This news comes just a couple weeks after a moving truck was spotted outside of the “Wolves” singer’s Los Angeles home. Apparently, the couple’s currently shopping for the perfect home to purchase together and before JB & SG find the perfect place to call a home, they don’t want to spend any time apart at all.


“Justin left baseball caps and a stack of clothes at her house, and Selena bought him a toothbrush and some products to keep there,” the magazine explained of Jelena’s current situation. “Now he’s moved the majority of his belongings in.” Though the two could just continue to live together in Sel’s house, they apparently “want a fresh start together, on neutral ground. The only way they can do that is by purchasing a mansion neither of them has lived in before.”


Seeing as how Justin and Selena lived together back in the day, it makes total sense as to how the two are totally comfortable moving back in with each other. The singers reportedly have a $15 million budget, so we don’t think they’ll have any trouble finding the perfect love shack.

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