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Russia’s government healthcare agency has suddenly banned Durex condoms from being sold, blaming their British producer for not taking after the best possible enrollment procedures. This sounds to a great degree shady, additionally prompted an Agence France-Presse feature that we if all applaud until the end of time.

“Russia bans Durex condoms over holes in paperwork,” AFP reports, laughing. The expressed reason from Mikhail Murashko, the leader of Russia’s federal health care watchdog, is that they are “not registered in the proper manner. The company must observe the law.”

Possibly, however as indicated by this amazingly lighting up Reddit string from miserable condomless English-talking people in Russia, the ban has been set up for about two weeks and may be a since quite a while ago arranged endeavor to raise the nation’s introduction to the country’s birth rate. An August 2015 story cited a Russian bureau part saying that a condom boycott would make subjects “more strict and discriminating in choosing partners, and maybe will do a favor to our society in respect to solving demographic problems.”

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