Sofia Vergara‘s legal counselor says the frozen embryos lawsuit claim against the star would be a “unnecessary legal battle.”

The 44-year-old actress’ lawyer issued an announcement because of reports that Vergara is being sued by her own particular incipient organisms in her progressing fight in court with ex Nick Loeb.

“Next week the judge presiding over the case was to rule on Ms. Vergara’s request for sanctions against Mr. Loeb for refusing to comply with a court order, and on her motion for summary judgement-seeking dismissal of the case he filed against her, attempting to get control of pre-embryos that he created with Vergara. That genetic material was created pursuant to a written agreement that required both parties written consent to attempt to create a pregnancy,” the statement reads.

“Apparently Mr. Loeb and his counsel, knowing that he was about to lose decided to attempt to save face by taking their proverbial ball and going home. Reports are out that Mr. Loeb has caused a lawsuit to be filed on behalf of the pre-embryos in Louisiana, essentially trying to get the same relief that he was trying to get through his failed legal attempt in California.”

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