Since Lil Wayne‘s memoir is ready for release,numbers of the things he wrote while imprisoned at Rikers Island for eight months in 2010 are rising to the top—and that incorporates a story of epic betrayal.

Amid the stint, as per Page Six, he got visits from everyone from P. Diddy to Kanye. Be that as it may, nothing was very similar to the visit he got from Drake. Lil Wayne said in his memoir that one of his most lowest moments in the clanker was when Drake came to let him know that he had slept with his girlfriend.

“Finding out that she [bleeped] Drake was the absolute worst thing I could have found out,” Wayne wrote. “Drizzy came to see me, he was like, ‘Yeah, it’s true’. Damn! This is the type of [bleep] a man never wants to find out while he is locked up.”

As indicated by before reports (before it was affirmed), Drake even went so far as to advise Wayne that it’s a great opportunity to hang up the relationship with the woman, a model named Tammy Torres. It destroyed Lil Tunechi.

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