This story simply has one excruciating turn after another. Mark Burton, the man suing Jim Carrey over ex Cathriona White’s suicide has changed the wrongful death claim to say that she admitted the 54-year-old entertainer gave her a STD, and that after they separated she felt that she was “damaged goods” and would be not able find another beau.

In reports got by TMZ, Mark guarantees that Cathriona got tested in Feb. 2013 and “discovered she had Herpes Type I, Herpes Type 2 and Gonorrhea.” He says “Jim tried to pressure her to keep quiet about it, which she did.” His claim now incorporates text amongst Jim and Cathriona, including ones about the STD’s, despite the fact that it’s not clear how he got tightly to them.

The Irish makeup artist tragically committed suicide in Sept. 2015 after a long fight with depression her separation with Jim. She died from an enormous medication overdose in the wake of taking Ambien, Percocet and Propranolol, which she supposedly stole from Jim’s bathroom cabinet. Jim’s lawyer Marty Singer has called Mark’s wrongful demise case an aggregate squeeze of Jim after he guaranteed in court papers that the funnyman was the person who gave her the pills she used to slaughter herself.

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