The Victoria’s Secret design indicate didn’t simply include a ton of meagerly clad women dancing around in their skivvies, however there was unquestionably a considerable measure of that. It additionally highlighted an inadequately clad Gigi and Bella Hadid rapping Nicki Minaj’s “Starships” while dancing around in their skivvies—and we have video.

The footage, BTW, was posted by Minaj herself, so—evidently the infamous diva affirms. Shot backstage at the VS design demonstrate this year, the Hadid sisters sit on a pink love seat with a pink divider behind them, wearing pink robes and elegant pink bras.

Toward the begin of the short “film,” Bella asks, “Are you prepared for this, Gigi?” chilling with Balmain innovative chief Oliver Rousteing.

“I know the entire rap!” Gigi shouts, still off-camera.

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