In the event that there was some kind of Hollywood yearbook for 2016, Passengers co-stars Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence would likely win the superlatives for Most Likely To Have Fun On A Press Tour, Class Clown, and Best Friends. We continue listening to stories like the time they got silly on Ellen, and all the more as of late, while in the U.K. to promote Passengers, the two ceased by BBC Radio 1 and shared in a chuckle initiating diversion called Playground Insults.

The rules of the game were extremely simple : Sitting opposite each other in a dramatically lit room, the two needed to alternate tossing affronts at each other, going ahead until both of them started chuckling wildly, or until one of them said the outright show-preventing mic-drop joke from which there would be no returning.

Spoiler (however not by any means): It was a totally glad time. The opening spikes from Lawrence and Pratt:

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