You may have known about 24-year-old conservative pundit Tomi Lahren on account of Beyoncé — the singer requested that Lahren’s consent utilize a clip from her show, Final Thoughts With Tomi, for her Formation world visit. The clip was a 30-second rant about how Beyoncé was looking to instigate a “battle of the races” with her Super Bowl performance. Lahren declined.

The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah has brought Lahren up on air some time recently, calling her the “least woke, most awake person” he’s ever observed. However, on Wednesday night she showed up on his show as a guest interestingly, where she shielded Donald Trump’s feminism and told Noah that conservative ladies don’t get enough acknowledgment for being “kick-ass.”

At the point when Noah asked how Donald Trump‘s 2005 remarks about grabbing ladies made Lahren feel, she answered that they were “indefensible” yet “at the end of the day does that impact my taxes, does that impact immigration, national security? It doesn’t. So I can get past it.”
Noah: It may impact the way women are perceived and treated in a country where already you’re dealing with a lot of issues.

Lahren: You mean like Saudi Arabia, which Hillary Clinton took money from?

Noah: You don’t need to go far when you’re in a country where every single day women are being beaten and raped. You’re not going far when you have issues in your own country.

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