Craig is nearing the finish of his residency in the 007 part.

As far back as the 49-year-old British on-screen character said he discounted coming back to the establishment following the last Bond film ‘Apparition’, before he consented to repeat the part by and by in ‘Bond 25’, hypothesis over his successor has been overflowing.

It was likewise supposed that on-screen character Idris Elba may wear Bond’s shoes.

In any case, the on-screen character eliminated any confusion air: “It feels like I’m campaigning, and I’m not. At first it was harmless – oh, I know, wouldn’t it be great? – and now it’s started off racial debates.”

He said that he is “probably the most famous Bond actor in the world, and I’ve not even played the role. Enough is enough. I can’t talk about it any more”.

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