Jack Black says his ‘Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle’ co-star Dwayne Johnson had buffalo meat and rice cooked for him at whatever point he needed it when they were shooting the motion picture.

The two actors  star in the new dream film and Black, 48, was captivated with respect to what Johnson, 45, did to have such an unfathomable physical make-up and picked his brains for tips to get fit as a fiddle.

What’s more, the comic drama star was inspired by how much dietary information the low maintenance WWE wrestler, known as The Rock in the ring, had and the way that he had exceptional dinners consistently on set.

Speaking to the new issue of ShortList magazine, Black shared: “[I said,] ‘I wanna look like you, bro. What are you eating right now?’ He goes, ‘Just some protein.’ ‘What have you got there? That looks pretty delicious – is that steak chunks in gravy?’ ‘No, this is buffalo. It’s a lean meat. And just some white rice.’ ‘I would have thought brown rice for you.’ ‘No no no. White rice – it burns cleaner.’ He really knows his stuff.

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