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The world is going digital in the speed of light. Today social media and social networking sites form a very essential part of our lives. In addition to being advanced in digital technology, people today also want to ensure that they thoroughly updated with the various kinds of happenings around them.

Are you a fan of Hollywood? Have you been taken with the lives of Hollywood stars and celebrities, which are full of glitz and glamor?

If your nodding your head very vigorously with excitement, then you have found the treasure trove of gossip websites. Bookmark these websites and keep yourself updated with the lives of your favourite stars and celebrities.

1. The Daily Mail (@DailyMailUK)

If you are particularly taken by the ways of the British stars, then this is your one stop shop for all of it. The daily mail is the online edition of U.K’s second largest daily newspaper. It covers everything from small little things to various Instagram handles of all the celebrities who live or move to Britain. As a lot of celebrities are British or work here, it becomes the perfect way to find get the glossy dirt on your fave stars!

2. TMZ (@TMZ)

TMZ or Thirty Mile Zone is considered to be one of the best online celebrity news websites all over the entertainment industry. It covers everything about the lives of the stars, their movies, those jazzy cat fights and more. This website had always been the forerunner when it comes to dishing out the newest news about the celebrities. Amongst its premium news was Micheal Jackson’s death, a definite bookmark this website!

3. Hollywood Life (@HollywoodLife)

Hollywood Life is the best website you can ever come across to know the nitty-gritty of Hollywood lives of all the stars. Their approach to news is simple, eye catching and detailed news and they definitely prove it right! With writers having 35 years of experience in the entertainment industry, you can totally depend on this site to get you the credible gossip on stars.

4. Dlisted (@itsdlisted)

Dlisted is a small time appear, as writer and site proprietor Michael K does all the written work and burrowing. He is known for his snarky composing style and down to business approach, however it’s shorter and more to-the-point than the other flowery gossip websites.

5. The Superficial (@thesuperficial)

The Superficial acknowledges and proclaims all the dirt on celebrity relationships and dating games to the world that is obsessed with the stars. In addition, it has a troupe of skilled scholars who are capable of tossing huge snark into every article, taking out the “genuine” tone others may carry and treat it for what it is: the deep truths and shocking tales of tinsel town.

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