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The reason why friday the 13th  is considered an unlucky day goes back to hundreds of years.

1. For a begin there is October 13, 1307, the date from where the cutting edge premise for the Friday the thirteenth superstition is destined to originate from.

It was on this day that the Pope of the Roman Catholic church, in mix with the King of France, sentenced an ascetic military request known as the Knights Templar to death and requested the torment and torturous killing of their pioneer.

2. The 6th day of the week, Friday, and the number 13 are each thought to be unfortunate in their own particular right, and when joined they are doubly awful.

The motivation behind why Friday is viewed as such an unfortunate day could date as far back as scriptural times. Numerous negative scriptural occasions occurred on a Friday, including the launch of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden, the begin of the Great Flood, and the execution of Jesus.

3. Friday’s position as the unfortunate day may have been reinforced by it being the day of execution of lawbreakers for a long time, usually called Hangman’s Day.

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